June & July events

Races for June and July are as follows:

11 June – Highveld Mall Ice Breaker (Emalahleni) HighveldM – Ice Breaker Run – 11 Junie

11 June – Riverside Park 10km Charity Road Race (Nelspruit) Riverside Park Charity Race

11 June – Cross Country Inter Provincial (Please see the Cross Country page)

18 June – Wakkerstroom (Volksrust), Wakkerstroom

18 June – Cross Country league – Gert Sibande (Secunda)

18 June – Cross Country league – Ehlanzeni (to be announced)

2 July – Buffalo run (Emalahleni), Coaldust, Abie Smit 082 341 0998

9 July – Halls (Nelspruit), Mark Greeff 083 299 3779 Halls 2016

9 July – Buffalo Gorge (Middelburg), Ryk Diepraam 083 528 9586

16 July – Legogote Villagers 3-in-1 (White River), Amanda Wessels 084 583 6945

16 July – Cross Country league – Nkangala (Machadodorp)

16 July – Cross Country league – Ehlanzeni (Nelspruit)

23 July – Cross Country league – Nkangala (Middelburg)

23 July – Cross Country league – Ehlanzeni (Nkomazi/Komatipoort)

23 July – Cross Country league – Gert Sibande (Carolina)

30 July – Cross Country league – Ehlanzeni (Nelspruit)

30 July – Cross Country league – Gert Sibande (Badplaas)

Ice 1  Ice 2


Riverside ParkWakkerstroom 1Wakkerstroom 2Halls


MAY 2016 – Events

2 May – Richkim/Oasis 3-in-1 Race – Nick Swart 082 486 3854 Richkim Oasis 32 21 10 Middelburg 2016 Flyer

7 May – Buffalo Gorge Trail Running – Ryk Diepraam 083 528 9586

7 May – Elkana Pay per kay – Abie Smit 082 341 0998  TEMPORARY LICENSES ARE R25  Pay-per-Kay 2016

7 May – CROSS COUNTRY – all 3 districts

14 May – Selati 2-in-1 Race – Deon Valks 082 788 0675  Selati entry form 2016

14 May – CROSS COUNTRY – all 3 districts

28 May – CROSS COUNTRY – all 3 districts

Richkim OasisBuffalo Gorge - May-Dec 16 Pay per kay - 1

Selati 1 Selati 2


APRIL 2016 – Events

2 April – Gert Sibande Marathon – Sabelo Sikhakhane 082 430 8057  Gert Sibande 1 , Gert Sibande 2

9 April – Bateleur Estate – Mark Greeff 08083 299 3779

16 April – Loskop Series (ENTRIES FULL)

16 April – Cross Country (Gert Sibande & Ehlanzeni)

20 April – Eskom SAVF Nights Race – Johanita Bester 079 498 6382  SAVF – Eskom

23 April – Eskom Power Run – Paul Bester 082 966 7767  Eskom – Power Run


27 April – Bethal Half Marathon – Pieter Botes 082 920 7555

30 April – Sudwala Monster – Jurgen Halbrich 083 290 0678

30 April – CROSS COUNTRY – Nkangala & Ehlanzeni (Directions to Great East)

Eskom SAVF 1Eskom SAVF 2

Eskom Power Run 1 Eskom Power Run 2

Sudwala Entry Form 2016

Cross Country – News letter 2 of 2016

 6 April 2016

 Good day all Cross Country friends


 We are nearly at the start of the new season and it is clear that everyone is looking forward to a great 2016 season.

 Firstly I want to encourage all athletes to join a club.  This will be much cheaper for athletes who are 13 years and older who must be in possession of a number, than to buy a temporary license number at each event.  Most importantly, it gives you identity.  The only way to get a race number is by joining an affiliated club.  There should be a club in your area and if you can’t find a club close to you, please contact the office who will be able to give you information on the clubs in your area.

 The first league will start on 16 April 2016 and the venues will be:

  • Nkangala – No league due to the Loskop Marathon.
  • Gert Sibande – Secunda Stadium which is hosted by Sasol Embalenhle Sport Centre (Morning Program).
  • Ehlanzeni- Lydenburg High School (Morning Program).

 Currently there is only one event planned for League 2 at Nkangala.  The venue was cancelled on short notice and a new venue can only be finalised within the next few days.  Notifications on the venue will be sent out as soon as this has been finalised.

 The third league will take place on 30 April 2016 and the venues are:

  • Nkangala – Cambridge Academy : Emalahleni (Witbank) (Morning Program)
  • Gert Sibande- No league
  • Ehlanzeni- Great East, Bushbuck Ridge, (Morning Program)

 Take note, the entry fee for 2016 will be R25.

 The contact details for each area are as follow:

  • Nkangala:             Mari- 083 2332677
  • Gert Sibande:             Michael- 082 336 0662
  • Ehlanzeni:             Boikie-  082 977 1665

You are welcome to contact me at 083 6308 729.

 Keep in mind that you are welcome to run in any of the three areas.  For example if you stay in Secunda but you are visiting someone in Middelburg or you are with your school with a sport, you can join that league if it is within the time schedule.

 Few requirements:

  1. We need a certified copy of your birth certificate or Identity Document.

 You need to complete and submit the registration form. This is requested every year to make sure that up to date information is used.  This need to be submitted at the latest on the league of 7 May 2016.  Only athletes whose information and documentation have been received, will be considered for inclusion in the provincial teams.

  1. The Criteria for 2016, the programs as well as the fixtures for 2016 are available. Please make sure you read through the criteria.  This will avoid any misunderstandings when we have to select the team at the championships.

These documents can also be downloaded from our website:

 Please remember that the Interprovincial Championships will also be counted as a league for our athletes since we will be hosting the event this year.  The athletes who are not selected for the Mpumalanga Team must run with their club attire. Also take note that League 6 will be used to select the Mpumalanga Team for the Interprovincial Championships.

 We are looking forward to seeing all the old faces and to welcome the new ones.  Make sure you prepare well and remember to look after your health, the winter is drawing nearer. 

 Yours in athletics



083 630 8729

Cross Country – News letter 1 of 2016

Good day all Cross Country Friends

We are busy getting everything in place to make sure 2016 will run smooth and the Cross Country Commission is ready for the first league.  As in the past I would like to bring a few things under your attention.  I want to ask you to get all the necessary administration requests in place.  Failure to do so will definetly affect the athlete negatively at the end of the day.

The fixture list, as it is currently, is available 2016 Cross Country fixtures – 17 March 2016 .  The programs have been included.  All the Ehlanzeni leagues will be morning leagues (Morning Program).  Please look out for the newsletters which will indicate which of the Nkangala and Gert Sibande leagues will take place in the morning and which will be in the afternoons (Afternoon Program).

Here are a few things all athletes need to know:

  1. All athletes must complete a registration form this year.  The form and a certified birth certificate or ID document must be submitted, on the latest, at the third league.   NB:  You will not be taken into consideration for the Mpumalanga team for the Interprovincial championships if we do not have your registration form and birth certificate/ID. (Click here for the form Registration Form)
  2. The Criteria 2016 is available.  Please read through it carefully and make sure you follow the rules.
  3. Make sure you conform to the criteria for selection if you want to be considered for selection into the Mpumalanga team.
  4. Athletes who are not take up in the Mpumalanga team for the Interprovincial championships, can use the Interprovincial championships as an extra league.  We can allow it this year since we will be hosting this event in Mpumalanga.
  5. Very important – Athletes in the age group 5 years to 29 years:  You must use the year in which you were born to determine which age group you will be participating in.  For athletes aged 30 years and older, you have to work on your age on race day.  If you are not sure, please ask.
  6. IMPORTANT WARNING:  Before the season starts we need to remind all athletes to run with their own numbers.  Do not use another athlete’s running number.  Unfortunately there were athletes who did not comply with this.  Penalty is suspension for a period to be determined by the Disciplinary Committee.  If you forgot or lost your pemantent license, it will be better to buy a temporary license number.

Yours in running



MARCH 2016 – Events

Date Race  Venue Contact person
02/3/16 Eskom Spur Night Race

Eskom Spur Raceflyer 2 March 2016

 Misty Creek Spur, Ben Fleur, Witbank Paul Bester – 082 966 7767 Eskom Spur  Raceflyer 2 March 2016 - 1
05/3/16 Uniwisp Fast 3-in-1  Mbombela Stadium Winnie Uys – 082 410 0170 Uniwisp 1
05/3/16 Buffalo Gorge Trail Run

Buffalo Gorge Flyer

 Buffalo Gorge Ryk Diepraam – 083 528 9586 Buffalo Gorge Series
05/3/16 AMPU & MUSSA Championship

5 March 2016 – Secunda – Program

 Secunda Stadium Estelle Opperman (AMPU) – 082 923 4876 & DP Badenhorst (MUSSA) – 083 256 9806 TRACK & FIELD:ALL athletes 15 years and older are welcome to participate.  High School athletes who did not go through to MUSSA, are welcome to come and participate.  AMPU is also selecting a team for the SA’s at this event.
09/3/16 Hoogenhout High School Race


 Hoogenhout High School, Bethal Bettie Longland – 083 321 4057 Hoogenhout1
12/3/16 PWC Kosmos 3-in-1  Lake Umuzi Waterfront, Secunda Race officer – 076 285 8581
16/3/16 Coaldust Night Race

Coaldust Night Race 2016

 Panorama Primary, Witbank Abie Smit – 082 341 0998 Coaldust Night Race
19/3/16 York Longtom Marathon  Sabie Odette van Staden – 083 678 3937
21/3/16 Goldi Standerton  Standerton Heidi vd Merwe – 072 391 0722
23/3/16 Elkana Night Race

Elkana Night Race 2016

 Alkana School, Witbank Abie Smit – 082 341 0998 Elkana night race


Once Results are available, it will be placed on the results page.

Please check regularly.

JANUARY 2016 – Events

The following races are scheduled for the rest of January:

Please go to Calender to obtain the contact details or download the available flyers, below.

20 January  – Klipfontein Night Race – Laerskool Klipfontein Glow run Flyer

23 January – Shanduka 5-in-1 (NOW GLENCORE 5-in-1)  Shanduka Flyer 2016 2

27 January – Van Wettens Night Race – Nedbank LVCC

27 January – Ferrochrome Night Race – Flyer Ferrochrome 2016

30 January – Volksrust 5-in-1  – Volksrust marathon (IMPORTANT:  PRE-ENTRY ONLY)

Klipfontein page 1 SHANDUKA 5 IN 1 -2016 A SHANDUKA 5 IN 1 - 2016 B FerrochromeVolksrust 2 Volksrust 1



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