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August 2019 events

Events for August 2019:

03 August:  Cross Country League 13

03 August:  Skukuza, Krugerpark Marathon Club, Martie Oosthuizen, 076 737 9732

07 August:  CR Swart Race, Run and Walk for Life, Thinus Jansen, 072 384 9443 CR Silver Night Race

14 August:  Eskom HTS Witbank, Eskom Athletic Club, Paul Bester, 082 966 7767 HTS Witbank Night race 14 Aug 2019

17 August:  Cross Country – Mpumalanga Championship, Theuns Luus 083 630 8729

17 August:  Shalom Half Marathon, Shalom Marathon Club, Nelson Nhlabati, 082 404 4213  Shalom

24 August:  Great Train Race, Middelburg MarathonClub, Piet Schoeman, 072 791 0378  GTR Race Entry Info 2019   GTR Entry Form 2019

28 August:  Kutting Mpumalanga, Midack Athletic Club, Johnathan Haarhoff, 071 473 0908 CANCELLED

31 August:  MHS Spring Run, Middelburg Marathon Club, Piet Schoeman, 072 791 0378 CANCELLED


 HTS Wtb     HTS Wtb2

Shalom   GTR

July 2019 events

Events scheduled for July 2019:

05 July:  Tiyisanani Disabled Race, Great East Athletic Club, Aco Ntimane, 079 180 5347

06 July:  Halls, Nedbank LVCC, Karlien 083 335 3846  HallsEntry form 2019

13 July:  Cross Country League 11

13 July:  Mozma Cleaning, Legogote Villagers, Andre Vianello, 084 516 8374

20 July:  Dullstroom Altitude Charity Marathon, Middelburg Marathon Club, Charmane 082 654 6645 DACC 2019 – Flyer & Entry Form

20 July:  Cross Country League 12

31 July:  Steelcrest, Middelburg Marathon Club, Piet Schoeman, 072 791 0378

31 July:  Street Mile, Middelburg Marathon Club, Piet Schoeman, 072 791 0378Flyer – Street Mile

Halls Entry Form 2019 Front  Halls Entry Form 2019

DACC pg 1 DACC pg 2

Streetmile pg1 Streetmile pg2

2018 – December events

The following events are scheduled for December:

01 December – DCSR Cultural Festival, Nelspruit MC, Yolanda de Villiers 084 607 6314

26 December – Siyabuswa Boxing Day run, Siyabuswa AC, Themba Sindane 083 594 0284

2018 – November events

The following events are taking place during November:

03 November – Kaapsehoop 3-in-1, Nelspruit MC, Yolanda de Villiers 084 607 6314

07 November – Sasol Secunda Night race, Sasol MC, Abednego Sibanyoni 082 332 9448

10 November – Movember Funny, Rooies AC, Theuns Luus 083 630 8729Movember 2018 flyer

17 November – Steve Tshwete Local Municipality Mayor’s Race, Eskom AC, Paul Bester 082 966 7767

24 November – KMI Trial Run, Nelspruit MC, Yolanda de Villiers 084 607 6314

24 November – Elandskloof Challenge, Middelburg MC, Piet Schoeman 072 791 0378


2018 – October events

The following events are planned for October 2018:

03 October – Maximed Nite Race, Standerton MC, Heidi vd Merwe 072 391 0788

06 October – God’s Window 2-in-1, Legogote Villagers, Andre Vianello, 084 516 8374

06 October – Lake Umuzi Sports Festival, Sasol MC, July Mavuso 082 802 1352  Lake Umuzi Sport Festival Half Marathon Race 2018

10 October – Waypoint Night Race, Secunda MC, Wynand 071 858 4228

13 October – Embalenhle 2-in-1 Challenge, Sasol MC, July Mavuso 082 802 1352

17 October – Hans Storm Memorial, Ermelo MC, Engela van Zyl, 082 491 1681

20 October – Mall to Mall, Middelburg MC, Piet Schoeman, 072 791 0378 Mall to Mall

20 October – Sanbonani 3-in-1, Hazyview AC, Victoria 082 456 7531 hazyview altheletic club – 2

24 October – MHS Run, Eskom AC, Paul Bester 082 966 7767

27 October – Coaldust Circuit Race, Coaldust Striders, Abie Smit 072 573 2501

27 October – Sub-youth team selection (Track and Field), Andries Burger 082 536 7893  AMPU SUB-Youth Information – 27 October 2018

27 October – Ehlanzeni Sports Tourism Race, Nedbank LVCC, Beth 079 881 3582

Gods Window

 Lake Umuzi pg 1 Lake Umuzi pg 2

20180818_122702_0000 20180818_122702_0001 Sanbonani 3-in-1

Mall to Mall pg 1 Mall to Mall pg 2


Good day all Cross Country friends

It is a few days before the 2016 Cross country championships will take place.  All the information we have put out earlier are still in place and most of the information that will go out today is for the athletes who will make use of the transport and accommodation.

Remember:  I will be picking up all the tracksuits and attire that need to go to George, tomorrow.  I am only the courier of the clothes and you must make sure that your arrangement with Mpumalanga Textiles are in place and your order is included in the box.

YELLOW BLOCKS on the attached team list, indicates outstanding information.  Athletes who have not paid their registration fees/bus fees, need to confirm whether they will still be going to the SA’s.  It is important that you urgently contact the office or myself.

Athletes who will be travelling by bus, please take note:

  1. You must take your own bedding.  The Hostel is only providing the beds/matrasses.
  2. Make sure you eat at home before you leave for the bus on Thursday.  The travel pack will be handed out very late that night when the buses come together and most of the items in the travel pack must be kept for breakfast and onward.
  4. Each bus have team managers who will be responsible for the admin and care of the people on the bus.  Their names are on the attached bus schedule.
  5. It does not matter where you get onto your specific bus (for example Nkangala bus:  Mhluzi/Middelburg/Witbank) , just make sure that you get onto the bus for your area, as listed.
  6. Make sure you are at the pick up point at least 30min before the departure time. The bus can not wait for anyone as the time schedule was worked out according to the arrival time in George.  If you are not on time, the bus will leave without you.
  7. With the arrival in George, we have arranged for lunch at the hostel (between 12:00 – 14:00). If the busses arrive according to the time schedule I will meet you there where we will then go through further arrangements.
  8. If you can not join the team remember to contact me or Hellouise.  If an athlete do not pitch up at the championships on Saturday (NO SHOWS) without informing us before Saturday, it will influence your future selection to the team.

Lastly, I hope everyone will travel safely to George and we as Mpumalanga team must look after our team mates.  We are a great team and I know everyone will  give there utmost best during their race.

Yours in athletics

BUS SCHEDULE   Athletes – SA’s – 5 September

Cross Country – News letter 2 of 2016

 6 April 2016

 Good day all Cross Country friends


 We are nearly at the start of the new season and it is clear that everyone is looking forward to a great 2016 season.

 Firstly I want to encourage all athletes to join a club.  This will be much cheaper for athletes who are 13 years and older who must be in possession of a number, than to buy a temporary license number at each event.  Most importantly, it gives you identity.  The only way to get a race number is by joining an affiliated club.  There should be a club in your area and if you can’t find a club close to you, please contact the office who will be able to give you information on the clubs in your area.

 The first league will start on 16 April 2016 and the venues will be:

  • Nkangala – No league due to the Loskop Marathon.
  • Gert Sibande – Secunda Stadium which is hosted by Sasol Embalenhle Sport Centre (Morning Program).
  • Ehlanzeni- Lydenburg High School (Morning Program).

 Currently there is only one event planned for League 2 at Nkangala.  The venue was cancelled on short notice and a new venue can only be finalised within the next few days.  Notifications on the venue will be sent out as soon as this has been finalised.

 The third league will take place on 30 April 2016 and the venues are:

  • Nkangala – Cambridge Academy : Emalahleni (Witbank) (Morning Program)
  • Gert Sibande- No league
  • Ehlanzeni- Great East, Bushbuck Ridge, (Morning Program)

 Take note, the entry fee for 2016 will be R25.

 The contact details for each area are as follow:

  • Nkangala:             Mari- 083 2332677
  • Gert Sibande:             Michael- 082 336 0662
  • Ehlanzeni:             Boikie-  082 977 1665

You are welcome to contact me at 083 6308 729.

 Keep in mind that you are welcome to run in any of the three areas.  For example if you stay in Secunda but you are visiting someone in Middelburg or you are with your school with a sport, you can join that league if it is within the time schedule.

 Few requirements:

  1. We need a certified copy of your birth certificate or Identity Document.

 You need to complete and submit the registration form. This is requested every year to make sure that up to date information is used.  This need to be submitted at the latest on the league of 7 May 2016.  Only athletes whose information and documentation have been received, will be considered for inclusion in the provincial teams.

  1. The Criteria for 2016, the programs as well as the fixtures for 2016 are available. Please make sure you read through the criteria.  This will avoid any misunderstandings when we have to select the team at the championships.

These documents can also be downloaded from our website:

 Please remember that the Interprovincial Championships will also be counted as a league for our athletes since we will be hosting the event this year.  The athletes who are not selected for the Mpumalanga Team must run with their club attire. Also take note that League 6 will be used to select the Mpumalanga Team for the Interprovincial Championships.

 We are looking forward to seeing all the old faces and to welcome the new ones.  Make sure you prepare well and remember to look after your health, the winter is drawing nearer. 

 Yours in athletics



083 630 8729

Cross Country – News letter 1 of 2016

Good day all Cross Country Friends

We are busy getting everything in place to make sure 2016 will run smooth and the Cross Country Commission is ready for the first league.  As in the past I would like to bring a few things under your attention.  I want to ask you to get all the necessary administration requests in place.  Failure to do so will definetly affect the athlete negatively at the end of the day.

The fixture list, as it is currently, is available 2016 Cross Country fixtures – 17 March 2016 .  The programs have been included.  All the Ehlanzeni leagues will be morning leagues (Morning Program).  Please look out for the newsletters which will indicate which of the Nkangala and Gert Sibande leagues will take place in the morning and which will be in the afternoons (Afternoon Program).

Here are a few things all athletes need to know:

  1. All athletes must complete a registration form this year.  The form and a certified birth certificate or ID document must be submitted, on the latest, at the third league.   NB:  You will not be taken into consideration for the Mpumalanga team for the Interprovincial championships if we do not have your registration form and birth certificate/ID. (Click here for the form Registration Form)
  2. The Criteria 2016 is available.  Please read through it carefully and make sure you follow the rules.
  3. Make sure you conform to the criteria for selection if you want to be considered for selection into the Mpumalanga team.
  4. Athletes who are not take up in the Mpumalanga team for the Interprovincial championships, can use the Interprovincial championships as an extra league.  We can allow it this year since we will be hosting this event in Mpumalanga.
  5. Very important – Athletes in the age group 5 years to 29 years:  You must use the year in which you were born to determine which age group you will be participating in.  For athletes aged 30 years and older, you have to work on your age on race day.  If you are not sure, please ask.
  6. IMPORTANT WARNING:  Before the season starts we need to remind all athletes to run with their own numbers.  Do not use another athlete’s running number.  Unfortunately there were athletes who did not comply with this.  Penalty is suspension for a period to be determined by the Disciplinary Committee.  If you forgot or lost your pemantent license, it will be better to buy a temporary license number.

Yours in running



Mpumalanga Cross Country Championships 2015

Good day all Cross Country friends

We are again at the end of another successful 2015 cross country year.  We met new friends and the old friends were all there with new enthusiasm.

Find attach the participant list as well as the program for the Mpumalanga Championships.

I just want to highlight a few points:

All athletes are welcome to take part on the day but only athletes who qualify according to the criteria will be considered for the Mpumalanga Team.  The main criteria was the minimum of 4 leagues which an athlete needed to participate in.

An athlete must participate in the event he or she qualified for.  An athlete will not be considered if he or she took part in a wrong event.

For an athlete to be considered he or she must take part in the Mpumalanga Championships.

I attach the participation list of 2015. Please look at the list and if there is any discrepancies, please let me know by Email.  The information was used as I received it and there can be a few mistakes on the list.

It is the responsibility of an athlete and his coach to make sure their document from the school league if they want to use it, is handed in before Saturday to conform to the minimum criteria.

Carefully look at the program to ensure you conform to the rules for the day.

Athletes of 30 years and older must use their age tags.  There will be referees on the day who will look at all the rules for the day.

Many Regards


Click here to download the Mpumalanga Program- Final pdf file

Click here to download the Consolidation .pdf file

Important News

Athletics Mpumalanga will be hosting the South African Cross Country Championships in Middelburg on 12 September 2015. Please make sure that you have already booked your accommodation since Middelburg will be very busy that weekend!

Please feel free to contact the following establishments, who have indicated that they are able to assist you with accommodation that weekend:

Midway Inn

Contact: Ilze/Jerry

Address: 275 Cowen Ntuli Street, Eastdene, Middelburg

Contact no: 013-246 2081/2

013-246 2083/4

Fax no: 013-246 1172



The Orion Guesthouse

Contact: Lourens Nel/Suné du Toit

Address: 29 Baviaanskloof, Aerorand,


Contact no: 082 568 0912

013-244 1850

Fax no:



Tudor Manor Guesthouse

Contact: Leah-Anne Lovette Du Toit

Address: 6A Wes Street, Clubville


Contact no: 013-243 3361

084 261 3678

Fax no: 0880 13243 5502



Woodpecker Guesthouse

Contact: Dini Swanepoel

Address: 80 Dr. Beyers Naude Street, Middelburg

Contact no: 082 469 8481

Fax: 086 6643 350



Yalla Yalla Boutique Hotel

Contact: Karin dos Santos

Address: 5 Culembourg Crescent, Die Heuwel,


Contact no: 013-656 5424

082 589 7980/076 892 3877


Kairos Home

Contact: Johan

Address: 9 Hexrivier Street, Aerorand


Contact no: 082 780 7044

082 785 8983

Fax: 013-244 1646

E-Mail address:



Pumpkin Tree Guesthouse

Contact: Anita Stols

Address: 7 Vos Street, Groenkol,


Contact no: 082 673 3455

Fax: 086 620 7533

E-mail address:

Website: Pumpkin Tree FACEBOOK page

Middelburg Country Club

Contact: Rina Glad

Address: Eeufees Street, Clubville,


Contact no: 013 282 6176/7/8

Fax: 013 243 2435

E-mail address:


Mural Guesthouse

Contact: Cobus Coetzee

Address: 34 Viljoen Street,


Contact no: 084 556 6754

Fax: 086 519 7278

E-mail address:

Website: mural guesthouse Middelburg Mpumalanga

Kairos Home


Contact:                 Johan

Address:                9 Hexrivier Street, Aerorand


Contact no:           082 780 7044

082 785 8983

Fax:                         013-244 1646

E-Mail address:


Lobelia Guesthouse


Contact:                 Carin Grace

Address:                6 Lobelia Street, Kanonkop


Contact no:           083 469 6392

Fax:                         086 577 4133

E-mail address:      


 Loskopdam (Forever Resort)


Contact:                 Reception

Address:                 48km North of Middelburg,

On the N11 Main Road

(Groblersdal Road)

Contact no:           013-262 3075

Fax:                         013-262 5269

E-mail address:


 Middelburg Country Club


Contact:                 Rina Glad

Address:                Eeufees Street, Clubville,


Contact no:           013 282 6176/7/8

Fax:                         013 243 2435

E-mail address:      


 Midway Inn

Contact:                 Ilze/Jerry

Address:                 275 Cowen Ntuli Street, Eastdene,                                   Middelburg

Contact no:           013-246 2081/2

013-246 2083/4

Fax no:                   013-246 1172



Mural Guesthouse

Contact:                 Cobus Coetzee

Address:                34 Viljoen Street,


Contact no:           084 556 6754

Fax:                         086 519 7278

E-mail address:      

Website:                mural guesthouse Middelburg                                           Mpumalanga

 The Orion Guesthouse

Contact:                 Lourens Nel/Suné du Toit

Address:                29 Baviaanskloof, Aerorand,


Contact no:           082 568 0912

013-244 1850


Website:       Tree Guesthouse


Contact:                 Anita Stols

Address:                7 Vos Street, Groenkol,


Contact no:           082 673 3455

Fax:                         086 620 7533

E-mail address:      

Website:                Pumpkin Tree FACEBOOK page

Tudor Manor Guesthouse

Contact:                 Leah-Anne Lovette Du Toit

Address:                6A Wes Street, Clubville


Contact no:           013-243 3361

084 261 3678

Fax no:                   0880 13243 5502



Woodpecker Guesthouse


Contact:                 Dini Swanepoel

Address:                 80 Dr. Beyers Naude Street,                          Middelburg

Contact no:           082 469 8481

Fax:                         086 6643 350


Website:       Yalla Boutique Hotel

Contact:                 Karin dos Santos

Address:                5 Culembourg Crescent, Die                              Heuwel, Witbank

Contact no:           013-656 5424

082 589 7980/076 892 3877



Mpumalanga Cross Country Championships 2015_ Mpumalanga Program- Final-1


News Letter 15 – 2015

Good day all Cross Country friends

Here we are at the end of the leagues for 2015.  We had a great cross country season and the Mpumalanga Championships and the SA Championships that will take place within 6 weeks is a special time we are looking forward to.

I am busy with the summary of the leagues but I believe you kept record of your participation during the leagues.  Unfortunately, this takes a long time as our athletes used nicknames and sometime their first names on entries.  I will have it ready by Saturday as I am waiting for the results of the last two leagues (except the results from Nkangala).

I will forward the last results as soon as I have received it.

For the athletes who made use of the extra school league, I need your results at the latest this coming Friday.  The letter needs to be signed by the cross country coach and the headmaster on an official letter head of the school with a stamp. Please make sure it is handed in on time.   Only athletes who conform to the criteria of a minimum of 4 leagues will be selected for the Mpumalanga Team.

I will forward you the summary by this coming Saturday.



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