Download the 2020 Fixtures here:  2020 FIXTURES (updated 05 December 2019)


Athletics Mpumalanga, as a Federation, is an extension of Athletics South Africa and regulates all road races in Mpumalanga.  Why?

To ensure that:

  • All athletes in the province can run a safe race
  • Athletes are not ripped off by people who let them pay for a race but do not stick to the promised prize money or do not give them the promised medals.
  • Organizers stick to the rules of WA and ASA
  • Organizers cannot turn their backs when athletes are hurt on a race.
  • The sport is not killed by organizing events on the same day in 2 or 3 towns or cities.
  • Organizers do not organize sub-standard events which causes athletes from other provinces not to ever come and run in Mpumalanga again.
  • Referees are overseeing road races to ensure that, like in any other sport, the competition is fair and that the rules as mentioned above are adhered to.
  • Races are run over distances as it was advertised and that it was correctly measured.
  • (This helps us to prevent overcharging of athletes – that an athlete does not pay R100 for a 10 km race.)

Races are regulated in the province by Athletics Mpumalanga on behalf of Athletics South Africa (ASA).

These races are put on a calender which are circulated to all athletes in Mpumalanga via their clubs, and circulated by Runners guide to all athletes in the COUNTRY.

The approved races on this MPUMALANGA fixture (Road Running / Cross Country / Track and Field (AMPU) / Trail runs) are covered by the insurance of ASA/AMPU.   Road Races and Trail runs that are not on this list, are not covered.

For 2020 races the application closed the 10 May 2019 (the previous year)

For 2021 races the application will close on 10 May 2020.

The races dates are always available from Athletics Mpumalanga and I think it will be good to have it placed in the papers to promote a healthy lifestyle for the average citizen.

We would like to ask that all races of 5 km and longer be confirmed with us before printing it in newspapers.

I hope this clarifies this situation for the future.

Thank you

Pieter Botes

Athletics Mpumalanga Road Running Chairman