Last Arrangements for SA’s

Good morning all Cross Country athletes, coaches  and parents.

Attached hereto is the final team list as submitted to ASA today.

Please take note of some final arrangements:

Unfortunately we have not received the R30 registration fee of all athletes as requested.  Athletes who have not paid the R30 registration fee yet, is indicated with the “N”. These athletes will have to pay their registration fee at the gate and get a wristband to gain entry.

If you paid your R30 but there is a “N” next to your name, please send your receipt number or proof of payment.

If you need transportation, please ensure that you return your acceptance form, indicating the town where you are located.  Final arrangements and pick up points will be sent through as soon as busses have been finalised.  SEND YOUR ACCEPTANCE FORM AND INDEMNITY FORM THROUGH TO THE OFFICE AT THE LATEST FRIDAY, 4 SEPTEMBER 2015,  12:00.  NO FURTHER INFORMATION WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE CUTT-OFF TIME SO PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU SEND YOUR FORMS BEFORE THIS COMING FRIDAY, 4 SEPTEMBER AT 12:00.

Please ensure that you are at the stadium at least an hour before your event.

Due to strict access control, all athletes need to obtain their access bands at the entry for athletes (will be indicated).   Athletes who have not paid the R30 yet will be referred to the entry gate where they need to pay the R30 first.  Make sure that you put on your wristband and keep it on, important for access.

Spectators need to pay and enter at the main entrance.

Please report to the AMPU Gazebo where you will be able to get your numbers and Track suit.  Remember that you will need to report to the Control Room about 30 minutes prior to the event starting.

Remember that food will be sold throughout the day.

Athletes who entered as individuals must run in their school or club colours.

Please ensure that you arrive long ahead of time since it is a timeous process to get access, get your license number and clothes and through the Control Room.

Please do not be late for your event, there is NO MAKE UP EVENT IF YOU DID NOT SHOW UP FOR YOUR EVENT.  Ensure that you know what time your event is starting.

Enjoy the day and give it your best!!

Yours in Cross Country


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