Mpumalanga Cross Country Championships 2015 Update

Good day all Cross Country friends

We are again at the end of another successful 2015 cross country year.  We met new friends and the old friends were all there with new enthusiasm.

Find attach the participant list as well as the program for the Mpumalanga Championships.  I just want to highlight a few points:

All athletes are welcome to take part on the day but only athletes who qualify according to the criteria will be considered for the Mpumalanga Team.  The main criteria was the minimum of 4 leagues which an athlete needed to participate in.

An athlete must participate in the event he or she qualified for.  An athlete will not be considered if he or she took part in a wrong event.

For an athlete to be considered he or she must take part in the Mpumalanga Championships.

I attach the participation list of 2015. Please look at the list and if there is any discrepancies, please let me know by Email.  The information was used as I received it and there can be a few mistakes on the list.

It is the responsibility of an athlete and his coach to make sure their document from the school league if they want to use it, is handed in before Saturday to conform to the minimum criteria.

Carefully look at the program to ensure you conform to the rules for the day.

Athletes of 30 years and older must use their age tags.  There will be referees on the day who will look at all the rules for the day.

Many Regards


Please download the following files

Mpumalanga Program- Final



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