Mpumalanga Cross Country Team 2015

Good day all Friends

Klere bestellingAgain I want to congratulate all our athletes who is part of the Mpumalanga Cross Country Team for 2015.  It took me and Hellouise a long time to finalise the list but we tried to ensure the data is correct.  I want to ask everyone to check for me again if your Name, Surname and ID number is correct as it is on your ID book or Birthdate Certificate.  ASA control it each and every name as it is on the National system and if the data is incorrect, they will not register you on the system for the SA Championships.  I just want to highlight a few issues:

As mentioned, check all you details and make sure it is correct as it is on you birth certificate or your ID Book.

All changes need to be done at the latest Friday, 28 August.  No changes will be make after then.

If you want to withdraw from the team, please make sure you inform us officially. Athletes who only stay away will derogate yourself for future team selection.

Athletes entered as individual runners, is marked with a  *.  These athletes must run in their school or club attire, they are not allow to run in Provincial clothes.

If an athlete wants to enter as a individual runner, it needs to happen through the Province.  To enter as an individual runner is not obvious.  As you see in the Team Manual there is certain conditions under which we will enter an athlete as an individual runner.

Athletes must pay their entry fee of R30 before next week Monday.  No athlete will receive their number if the entry fee is not paid.

It stays the responsibility of the athlete to ensure the data on the team list is correct.



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