News Letter 6 – 2015

News Letter 6 – 2015

3rd of May 2015

Good day all Cross Country friends.

We had three good leagues with a lot of good results. As we had again it through a past long weekend there were still a lot of runners who will make this year a serious cross country year. We had at Hockey Farm 257 athletes and at Ngungunyane a total of 76 athletes. The total athletes who take part at the league in Piet Retief were 76 athletes.
Unfortunately, there were a lot of winter sport items that took part in the long weekend as well as people who was on a well-deserved long weekend rest but we will see the old faces as well as our new people from now on.
I want to ask everyone to look at the following remarks as this can have an influence on your end results:

The stickers must be complete with all the information, no space must leave open. If you make use of a permanent number or a temporary number you must fill in the numbers. All athletes 13 years and older must have a number. If they are not a member of a club, they must get a temporary number that is available at the league for R25 a number. This number is only valid for one league.

Do not make use of a number of another runner. If you are caught, you and the runner whose number you use will be disqualified for a minimum of 2 years, it is not worth it.

Athletes must run in their age groups. There were a lot of incidents where athletes run in the wrong group.

A lot of athletes did not understand the grouping of the ages correct:

Age categories are determined according to the IAAF rules. There are basically two sets of rules, one applicable to juniors and one applicable to seniors and masters. The difference is that a junior’s age is determined on the 31st of December and seniors/masters on the day of the event. So whether your 12th birthday is on the 1st of January or 31 December, you must compete in the boys or girls 12 year age category. For seniors and masters it is your age on your birthday. If you turn 45 on the day of the competition you participate in the 45 – 49 age category. If your birthday is the day before

I ask the organisers to make sure we start on time. Make sure you are familiar with the program and times of the events. Also make sure you run in the correct event.

I want to encourage all athletes to join a club. There will be a team competition during the Mpumalanga Championships where clubs will compete in the different age groups. A total of 4 athletes per age group per club will compete for the three positions.

Make sure you write clearly on the stickers. There was a lot of information that was not clear and it can happen that the wrong information is available.

The third league will take place on the 9th of May 2015 and the venues will be:

Ngangala- Delmas Country Lodge, Delmas (Morning Program)

Gert Sibande- Secunda Stadium, Secunda (Morning Program).

Ehlanzeni- No league.

The fourth league will take place on the 16th of May 2015 and the venues are:

Nkangala- Rooies Atletiekklub. HTS Cricket clubhouse, across Middelburg Primary school. (Afternoon Program)

Gert Sibande- Oosterland High School, Secunda (Afternoon Program)

Ehlanzeni- White River (Morning Program).

Take note, the entry fee for 2015 will be R20 and the temporarily licence for the athletes 13 years and older who is not member of an affiliated club is R25.

I want to highlight again, the selection for the Mpumalanga team for the Interprovincial Championships will take place at the 16th of May 2015 at the three different areas. More detail will be available on next week end newsletter.

The contact details for each area are as follow:

Ngangala: Mari- 0832332677

Gert Sibande: Michael- 0823360662

Ehlanzeni: Boikie- 0829771665

You are welcome to contact me anytime at 0836308729.

Take note, the flu virus is travel through South Africa, let’s make sure we keep health and fit for the cross country.

Yours in athletics

083 630 8729

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