News Letter 7 – 2015

News Letter 7 – 2015.

11th of May 2015.

Good day all Cross Country friends.

Thank you very much to Highveld Pumas, Sasol and Leopard Athletic Club for the great effort they put in to make it a successful weekend.

There were a total of 165 participants at Delmas country lodge and 127 participants at Secunda. Nellsville has a total of 72 athletes.

Unfortunately the finals of a lot of winter sport activities took place this past weekend but I am sure we will see the old faces and new champions over the next couple of weeks.

This coming weekend we will have the selection of the Mpumalanga team for the Interprovincial Championships in all three areas and the process will be the same as last year. For those friends who were not part of cross country last year, I will explain the process:

We will make use of qualifying times for all items but we will only allow a maximum of 7 athletes per item. For example, if there are only 5 athletes who qualify according to the qualifying time, only 5 athletes will be selected and if there is more than 7 that qualify a maximum of 7 will be selected.
Executive Board: Paul Bester (President), Jerry Maseko, Heyns Theron, Pieter Makgato (Vice Presidents),
Theuns Luus (Cross Country), Pieter Botes (Road Running), Andrè Sinclair (Track and Field),
Janine Botes, Moses Skosana, Pieter Steinmann (Additional members)

For the juniors, we use the first athletes time as the base and for example if the winning time of the under 11 boys is 10min, the athletes follow will have 1min 45sec to finish within the qualifying time. If there are 7 athletes within the qualifying time they will be selected. If only 5 athletes finish within the qualifying time only 5 will be selected.

If an athlete is selected, he or she will receive a letter on the day with all the necessary information with the contact number of the supplier of the clothing. There will only be vests and shorts available for the athletes. NO TRACKSUITS WILL BE AVAILABLE. The supplier will have a list of all the athletes who qualify for the team.

We will supply transport but with cost. The amount will be communicated soon.

Athletes must participate at any of the three leagues to be considered for the team.

The program for the Interprovincial Championships will be available with the next news letter

The fourth league will take place on the 16th of May 2015 and the venues will be:

Nkangala- Rooies Atletiekklub. HTS Cricket clubhouse, across Middelburg Primary school. (Afternoon Program).

Gert Sibande- Oosterland High School, Secunda (Afternoon Program).

Ehlanzeni- Ingwenyama Sport Resort, White River (Morning Program).


The fifth league will take place on the 23rd of May 2015 and the venues are:

Nkangala- Cambridge, Hockey Farm (Morning Program)

Gert Sibande- Ligbron High School, Ermelo (Morning Program)

Ehlanzeni- High School Nelspruit, Nelspruit (Morning Program).

Take note, the entry fee for 2015 will be R20 and the temporarily licence for the athletes 13 years and older who is not member of an affiliated club is R25.

I will urge our athletes to attend the minimum amount of leagues as soon as possible and do not wait until the end. I see it many times where athletes missed the minimum criteria by only one league they shorted. No athlete will participate in the Mpumalanga Championships if they didn’t conform to the minimum criteria.

There is still athletes of 13 years and older who try to participate in their items without running number. No athlete will be allowed to start without a number. Athletes who do not have a permanent number must get a temporarily number at the entrance where they enter for their item. The cost for a temporarily number is R25.

Lastly, I want to ask athletes to complete the sticker in fully. We will not put the results of athletes on the list if there is missing information. There was a lot of entrants with only their age or only the year of birth. Let’s make sure we fill in all the information and we write it clear for the people who need to handle the results.

The contact details for each area are as follow:

Ngangala: Mari- 0832332677

Gert Sibande: Michael- 0823360662

Ehlanzeni: Boikie- 0829771665

You are welcome to contact me anytime at 0836308729.

I want to thanks all of you who really work hard to make cross country in Mpumalanga a success. To all our clubs and schools, it is really something special to see more of your athletes participate in the leagues.

Yours in athletics

083 630 8729

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