News Letter 9 – 2015

Cross Country Winning GroupNews Letter 9 – 2015.

25th of May 2015.
Good day all Cross Country friends.

Firstly, I want to congratulate Mari, Patience, Michael and Boikie who was selected on the AGM to the Cross Country Commission. I see forward to work with you in the next 4 years. The standard was set by us and we will take it a few steps higher in the next 4 seasons.

Even with the winter sport that took place in all three areas, the participation of the leagues last weekend went well and a total 531 athletes was part of the leagues. I attach the results. I want to thank Tiaan, Nico and Michael for the effort to make it a great day.

I also want to attach the Mpumalanga team who will take part in the Interprovincial Championships at Merensky High School on 6 June 2015.

Congratulations to everyone who was selected and for those athletes who missed it, there is another chance on 15 August 2015 with the Mpumalanga Championships. I want to emphasise again, just make sure you reach the criteria of minimum of 4 leagues. There are still enough leagues to reach the goal.

There are a few important points every athlete must know of:

Athletes who indicate they will make use of transport must complete the indemnity form in fully. The form of the minor children must be completed by the legal person i.e. parent, legal guardian of the minor child. NO ONE WILL GET ON THE BUS WITHOUT THE FORM. DO NOT DISAPPOINT YOURSELF ON THE DAY.

There is a lot of athletes of 13 years and older who did not fill in their permanent numbers. If you do not have a permanent number, you must take R25 with to buy a temporary number. No one of this age group will run without a number.

The entry fee to participate is R20. Make sure you take enough money with.

I will attach the letter from Limpopo and make sure you understand how to complete the sticker.

All athletes must check the team list and ensure your information on the list is correct.

If the athlete runs in the wrong age group, he or she will be disqualified for the event.

Athletes who will make use of bus transport, all information will be forwarded by next week Tuesday at the latest.

The names who indicated they will make use of bus transport will get preference. The list was completed according to the acknowledgement forms that were handed in.

If an athlete does not have the provincial attire, they must use their club or school attire. No “smartie box clothes” will be allowed. Only a neutral short and vest if you haven’t got other clothes i.e. a white vest and black or green short.

Athletes are welcome to run individual and they must only run in their club or school attire. The entry fee is the same i.e. R20.

The bus transport is only available for Mpumalanga team athletes. No individual athletes are allowed to make use of bus transport.There are no leagues that will take place this coming weekend. For athletes who will think of do something different, I attach a flyer of a mountain bike race which looks very challenging.
The next league will take place on the 20th of June 2015 and the venues will be announced in the next newsletter:

Take note, the entry fee for 2015 will be R20 and the temporarily licence for the athletes 13 years and older who is not member of an affiliated club is R25.

Lastly, we found a few athletes who used their temporary numbers of the previous leagues. The temporary number is only valid for one race.

The contact details for each area are as follow:

Ngangala: Mari- 0832332677

Gert Sibande: Michael- 0823360662

Ehlanzeni: Boikie- 0829771665

You are welcome to contact me anytime at 0836308729.

Enjoy your week and please be careful when we practice on the road and make sure you keep yourself healthy.

Yours in athletics

083 630 8729

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