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September 2015 Races

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SECUNDA MARATHON CLUBPlease take note of the following races for September:

05 September                   ALZU (Flyer attached)

05 September                   Om-die-dammetjies (CANCELLED)

09 September                   Eskom Nite 4,9km & 10km (CANCELLED)

12 September                   SA CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS

16 September                   Nashua Kanonkop 4,9km & 10km

19 September                   Sabie Shufflers 2-in-1 (CANCELLED)

23 September                   SATS Night Race (Glow Run)

26 September                   Boulders

30 September                   Maximed Night race

Browse our News page for details of all upcoming races published on our website.

Also attached you will find the flyer for the Embalenhle Butchery and Simunye Service Station 3-in-1.

Have a wonderfull September.

Download these following Document:

Embalenhle Butchery and Simunye Service Station 3 in 1 race flyer 10 October 2015

Embalenhle Butchery and Simunye Service Station 3 in 1 race flyer 10 October 2015







Important information to all Ampu licenced club Members

If an AMPU licenced club member want to be considered for the 2016 SA 42.2 team

they need to participate at the Kaapsehoop 42.2km 7 November 2015

The qualifying times are as follows:


Seniors      2:30

40+             2:40

50+             2:50


Seniors      3:05

40+             3:15

50+             3:25


Comrades 2016  

Attention all Chairman of each Mpumalanga affiliated Club

Mpumalanga Athletics is going to sponsor a bus to Comrades 2016.

Only affiliated AMPU athletes who are entered for the Comrades 2016 is welcome to get on that bus.

Comrades entries opens on the 1 September 2015 and close on the 30 November 2015

Please complete the Control list attached and send the names to

A payment of R20 must be done by each athlete . The  list of names  and proof of payment must be send to us.

Reference for payment : C-surname and name

Bankdetails : Athletics Mpumalanga , NEDBANK branch code : 198765

                        Account number : 1594032289

DEADLINE is  the 1 December 2015. No considerations after this date will be done.

 Please do not send late reqeust, we need to finalised the size of the bus in advance.

Please explain to the runners, the sleeping arrangement is in the YMCA COMMUNITY HALL .


It is important that the person is entered for the 2016 Comrades

Please download the following document

Comrades bus 2016

Last Arrangements for SA’s

Good morning all Cross Country athletes, coaches  and parents.

Attached hereto is the final team list as submitted to ASA today.

Please take note of some final arrangements:

Unfortunately we have not received the R30 registration fee of all athletes as requested.  Athletes who have not paid the R30 registration fee yet, is indicated with the “N”. These athletes will have to pay their registration fee at the gate and get a wristband to gain entry.

If you paid your R30 but there is a “N” next to your name, please send your receipt number or proof of payment.

If you need transportation, please ensure that you return your acceptance form, indicating the town where you are located.  Final arrangements and pick up points will be sent through as soon as busses have been finalised.  SEND YOUR ACCEPTANCE FORM AND INDEMNITY FORM THROUGH TO THE OFFICE AT THE LATEST FRIDAY, 4 SEPTEMBER 2015,  12:00.  NO FURTHER INFORMATION WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE CUTT-OFF TIME SO PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU SEND YOUR FORMS BEFORE THIS COMING FRIDAY, 4 SEPTEMBER AT 12:00.

Please ensure that you are at the stadium at least an hour before your event.

Due to strict access control, all athletes need to obtain their access bands at the entry for athletes (will be indicated).   Athletes who have not paid the R30 yet will be referred to the entry gate where they need to pay the R30 first.  Make sure that you put on your wristband and keep it on, important for access.

Spectators need to pay and enter at the main entrance.

Please report to the AMPU Gazebo where you will be able to get your numbers and Track suit.  Remember that you will need to report to the Control Room about 30 minutes prior to the event starting.

Remember that food will be sold throughout the day.

Athletes who entered as individuals must run in their school or club colours.

Please ensure that you arrive long ahead of time since it is a timeous process to get access, get your license number and clothes and through the Control Room.

Please do not be late for your event, there is NO MAKE UP EVENT IF YOU DID NOT SHOW UP FOR YOUR EVENT.  Ensure that you know what time your event is starting.

Enjoy the day and give it your best!!

Yours in Cross Country


Download the Following Documents:


Mpumalanga Team (3)

Indemnity forms



Mpumalanga Cross Country Team 2015

Good day all Friends

Klere bestellingAgain I want to congratulate all our athletes who is part of the Mpumalanga Cross Country Team for 2015.  It took me and Hellouise a long time to finalise the list but we tried to ensure the data is correct.  I want to ask everyone to check for me again if your Name, Surname and ID number is correct as it is on your ID book or Birthdate Certificate.  ASA control it each and every name as it is on the National system and if the data is incorrect, they will not register you on the system for the SA Championships.  I just want to highlight a few issues:

As mentioned, check all you details and make sure it is correct as it is on you birth certificate or your ID Book.

All changes need to be done at the latest Friday, 28 August.  No changes will be make after then.

If you want to withdraw from the team, please make sure you inform us officially. Athletes who only stay away will derogate yourself for future team selection.

Athletes entered as individual runners, is marked with a  *.  These athletes must run in their school or club attire, they are not allow to run in Provincial clothes.

If an athlete wants to enter as a individual runner, it needs to happen through the Province.  To enter as an individual runner is not obvious.  As you see in the Team Manual there is certain conditions under which we will enter an athlete as an individual runner.

Athletes must pay their entry fee of R30 before next week Monday.  No athlete will receive their number if the entry fee is not paid.

It stays the responsibility of the athlete to ensure the data on the team list is correct.



Download the following documents:


Mpumalanga Team

Klere bestelling

Collisen Pienaar Dam 20-10 km – Cancelled

Please note that the Collisen Pienaar Dam 20km/10km was scheduled to take place on 29 August 2015 in Middelburg.

Due to the sponsorship withdrawal the race of 29 August has been cancelled.


Hellouise van Dyk

Athletics Mpumalanga Office


Attention All Athletes

Attached hereto please find the Flyer and Entry for the ALZU RHINO RUN 05 September 2015. (Click here of application form)Alzu Rhino Run.pdf

Also attached are the flyer for Boulders 26 September 2015.

The following September races have been cancelled:

Om-die-dammetjie (05 September)

Eskom Nite 4,9km &10km (9 September)

Sabie Shufflers 2-in-1 (19 September)

Please support the events that are taking place in September since this might help to secure the sponsors for next year.

Congratulations to the Cross Country Athletes who will be participating in the SA Cross Country Championships in Middelburg on 12 September.  Good luck.

Have a lovely weekend

Hellouise van Dyk

Athletics Mpumalanga Office


Alzu Rhino Run.pdf


Boulders brochure 2015_PRINT-1



Mpumalanga Championships Results

Good afternoon all Cross Country Friends

Attach are the results of the 2015 MPU Championships.  Congratulations to every athlete who gave their best.  To my team who helped to make the event a special day for all our athletes, thank you very much for your time and effort.  It was really a world class event.

The final Mpumalanga Team list for the 2015 SA Championships will follow soon. Most of the athletes already received their letters on Saturday but there can be a few additions after Saturday.  For those who did not make the Mpumalanga Team but consider to enter as an Individual athlete need to reply via Mpumalanga Athletics.  Keep in mind the following rules that were put in place by ASA:

ASA will allow individual entries to accommodate deserving athletes who are not included in provincial teams for various reasons under the following conditions:

i) Only South African citizens will be allowed to enter as individuals.

ii) Provinces have first call on an athlete. An Athlete selected for a province must take part for that province and may not enter as an individual.

iii) Athletes who are not selected for their province may enter as individuals, but must enter via their province and compete in their official club attire or neutral colours with no advertising on the clothing. No sponsored kit which is not their club’s registered kit will be permitted.

iv) Individual athletes must be registered for the competition by their province, must have a 2015 license and must be in good standing with the province.

v) The province must motivate all individual entries, providing reasons why the athlete/s are not included in their provincial team.

vi) Provinces cannot enter individual athletes in a category if they have reached the quota of 18 athletes per age category.

I also attach the Team Manual that was provided by ASA with all the necessary arrangements for the day (updated list of accommodation also attached).



SA Cross Country Team Manual 2015

Mpumalanga Cross Country Championships 2015 Update

Good day all Cross Country friends

We are again at the end of another successful 2015 cross country year.  We met new friends and the old friends were all there with new enthusiasm.

Find attach the participant list as well as the program for the Mpumalanga Championships.  I just want to highlight a few points:

All athletes are welcome to take part on the day but only athletes who qualify according to the criteria will be considered for the Mpumalanga Team.  The main criteria was the minimum of 4 leagues which an athlete needed to participate in.

An athlete must participate in the event he or she qualified for.  An athlete will not be considered if he or she took part in a wrong event.

For an athlete to be considered he or she must take part in the Mpumalanga Championships.

I attach the participation list of 2015. Please look at the list and if there is any discrepancies, please let me know by Email.  The information was used as I received it and there can be a few mistakes on the list.

It is the responsibility of an athlete and his coach to make sure their document from the school league if they want to use it, is handed in before Saturday to conform to the minimum criteria.

Carefully look at the program to ensure you conform to the rules for the day.

Athletes of 30 years and older must use their age tags.  There will be referees on the day who will look at all the rules for the day.

Many Regards


Please download the following files

Mpumalanga Program- Final



National Lotteries